Low Definition

If you haven’t heard of Low Definition, I envy you… because you’re about to discover about 40 hours of the best entertainment currently available.

It’s a game of dumb words and even dumber definitions, where players lie to cover up their incompetence and fool fellow players. The game is recorded and distributed as a podcast hosted by Steve Lutz on The Incomparable. It is completely unrelated to a certain legally copyrighted boardgame of a different name.

I love the podcast and the game so much I have shamelessly stolen—um, I mean, borrowed—Steve Lutz’s ideas and made a little app for macOS to help people play at home.

It’s just a small personal project which is still in what you might call beta. No warranties and all that jazz. I don’t have the time, inclination or devices to test it on machines and operating systems other than my own, so there might be bugs or other issues. But if you’d like to give it a go, you can download it here.

Even better, checkout the podcast (which is free) and consider becoming a member of The Incomparable to support Low Definition which is part of the Gameshow podcast. And when you’ve listened to all currently released episodes at least 5 times as I have, you can bully your friends into playing with you using this Mac app. Have fun.